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H&V Hair Extensions Care

Within Honey and Violet, we offer pre-bonded hair extensions with our hair stylist/owner, Lisa (Honey). We use Angel Remy Hair extensions. Pre-bonded hair extensions look natural, are virtually undetectable plus blend in with your natural hair so well.


  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner on the morning of your appointment.
  • Blow dry straight (straighteners can be used)
  • DO NOT us any products on your hair


  • Don’t wash your hair for 48hours after the hair extensions are first applied as the bonds are still forming.
  • Use a good conditioner but do not condition the bonds
  • We recommend buying a soft bristle brush for your extensions as this helps you brush/untangle between the bonds
  • Before you go to bed, pleat your hair extensions so that they do not get tangled
  • Avoid applying heat (hair straighteners, curling wands) on the bonds.
  • Do not apply products to the bonds. If you use mousse etc only apply to your own hair as it can soften the bonds.


We always recommend regular maintenance with pre-bonded hair extensions. Every 6-8 weeks you should be making an appointment so I can check that your extensions aren’t tangled or matted. Our stylist, can remove any loose extensions and order any new ones that are needed.


Book a free hair extension consultations. This allows you to meet with your stylist to discuss your requirements, cost, and colour match your hair. You can book a free consultation online by clicking on ‘Book Now‘ or by calling the salon on 01786 479120.

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